Provide catering to all types of aircraft in regular regime or by solicitation.

Main current contacts on the Inflight segment: LAM, MEX, TAP,  SOLENTA e AERO Consult Lda.

Industrial catering

Provides daily meals to various institutions, which are prepared within SMS or client’s premises.

Main current contracts in the industrial segment (Dining hall management): Prime Minister’s office Sky rental, Presidency of the republic, First Lady’s Office, Mozambique National Bank, IGEPE, LAM, Ministry of Science and Technology, University education, many others.

Occasional Services

Specialized in food services for conferences, seminars, congresses, weddings, parties, among other celebrations.

Main entities in the segments of (Occasional services) Road Fund, IGEPE, Presidency of the Republic, Council of Ministers, LAM, KPMG, INATRO, Football clubs, MEX, MAHS, ADM, One Media, National Petroleum Institute, ARRENE, MCTES, among others, upon request.